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Sushi at Home Sushi Roller Machine

Here we see how the Sushi at Home Maki sushi roll making machine creates the perfect Hosomaki sushi (small rolls) it also makes tasty Futomaki (large rolls) too!

Latest News

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    Let's get something straight: I'm a bit of a cheapo when it comes to sushi. Yes, I know sushi is one of the foods that everyone in LA feels is okay to splurge on, but I'm not one to spend more than $100 on sushi on any given occasion. In the City of

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    San Francisco's sushi clique is growing, with both high profile omakase restaurants (Hashiri, Sasaki), and neighborhood spots (Hinata, Kinjo) popping up all over town. Now one of the latter, Kuma Sushi + Sake, is headed to 1040 Polk St. at Post

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sushi arrozsalmónpepino

Sushi (desenrollado)
Peibol y yo cocinamos sushi =)
Photo by motagirl2 on Flickr


There is nothing really special about this sushi, I was just pushing my camera a bit to see how it would perform in low light.
Photo by Plonq on Flickr