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Leifheit 23045 Perfect Sushi Roll
Leifheit 23045 Perfect Sushi Roll by Leifheit

  • Includes recipe book
  • Creates elegant sushi rolls at home
  • Easily used by pros and beginners

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Product Description
Perfect Roll Sushi is the new attractive kitchen aid from Leifheit which easily forms fresh Sushi rolls. Simply put in the different ingredients, fold down the handle, pull the flap and the perfect Sushi roll is formed. Includes recipe booklet for delicious Sushi ideas. 3 year warranty. Color: black.
Camp Chef Sushezi Roller Kit - Sushi Rolls Made Easy


Camp Chef Sushezi Roller Kit - Sushi Rolls Made Easy by Camp Chef

  • Easy-to-use; add ingredients and plunge rice onto nori sheet
  • Includes sushi tube, plunger, and endcap
  • Dishwasher-safe

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Product Description
Sushi made easy.... Sushezi! With easy-to-follow instructions, Sushezi creates perfectly formed sushi quickly and reliably with no guesswork and no trial and error. Using your own choice of imaginative fillings will make you a sushi expert and have your guests coming back for more. The Sushezi can also be used for a variety of dessert items. Walnut rolls, fudge rolls, cake rolls, and biscuit cookies are only a few of the possibilities! Why Sushezi? Perfect sushi is no longer an expensive restaurant food. Professional, round sushi can now be created in your own kitchen with your own choice of fillings. With just three easy steps, you can make roll after roll. Kids will love to make their own rice crispy rolls, and will enjoy being able to make their own personal candy sushi. Features
* Made of durable plastic
* Dishwasher-safe
* Measures 12"x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2"
* Great for camping or everyday at home
Easy Sushi 3.5 cm Roller, 1.4", Black


Easy Sushi 3.5 cm Roller, 1.4", Black by Easy Sushi

  • Easy Sushi roller dimensions: 3.5 cm/1.4 inch Diameter, Length:...
  • Easy Sushi creates tight professional looking rolls in minutes; For...
  • Easy Sushi works with many different wraps, rice paper, crepes,...

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Product Description
Easy Sushi 3.5 cm/1.4 Inch Roller. Rolling Sushi has never been easier! Simply lay-in your ingredients, close the cover, then pull the specially designed traction sheet ,and voila Easy Sushi instantly transforms you into a Sushi-master! Creates tight professional looking maki rolls in minutes. For the novice to connoisseur, Easy Sushi is durable, hygienic, safe and easy to use. The patented and award winning device is made from food grade plastic in France. The dishwasher safe roller cleans quickly and easily and the reusable traction sheet can be replaced when required. Experiment with new flavors and customize your sushi to your own tastes. Although designed for maki-sushi rolls Easy Sushi works with many different wraps, rice paper, crepes, tortillas and even leaf wraps! From delectable appetizers, traditional full size maki rolls to irresistible dessert rolls, your imagination is the limit with Easy Sushi.
Yontree Sushi Roller Machine Grape/Cabbage Leaf Rolling Kitchen Tool DIY Sushi Maker


Yontree Sushi Roller Machine Grape/Cabbage Leaf Rolling Kitchen Tool DIY Sushi Maker by Yontree

  • Material: plastic
  • 100% brand new and top quality. Non-toxic and odourless
  • Quantity: 1 pc

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Product Description
100% Brand New and Top Quality.
1.Place the roller on a flat area, the lever facing you. Lay the leaf on the roller band and pull back a little with your fingers.
2.Spoon the material inside the leaf, in the amount based on required thickness.
3.Push the lever forward and your stuffed leaf will be ready to be cooked.

Sushi at Home Sushi Roller Machine

Here we see how the Sushi at Home Maki sushi roll making machine creates the perfect Hosomaki sushi (small rolls) it also makes tasty Futomaki (large rolls) too!

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sushi arrozsalmónpepino

Sushi (desenrollado)
Peibol y yo cocinamos sushi =)
Photo by motagirl2 on Flickr


There is nothing really special about this sushi, I was just pushing my camera a bit to see how it would perform in low light.
Photo by Plonq on Flickr

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